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Team Coaching Services

We design bespoke team coaching packages based on your needs and the availability of the team. Coaching sessions can be scheduled to fit into the planning process between retrospectives for a software design team.

In the interests of all voices being heard, Team DnA conducts 1-on-1 interviews with all team members and/or distributes questionnaires before the first team coaching session.

Each team coaching session is carefully and intentionally designed by Team DnA to enable the team to meet its agenda.

Team DnA Team Coaching Services

We offer

Team DnA Services - Systems Entry

Systems Entry

Via a combination of either team questionnaires or 1-on-1 interviews, the team coaches will assess the strengths and challenges of your team and facilitate a review workshop with helpful insights.

Team DnA Services - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Half-day or full-day workshop designed to facilitate decision-making on key points for the next year that aligns with your team and organization's vision, mission and values. We also build in accountability for each action point (who, when, how, where, what)

Team DnA Services - Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats

Team DnA will work with you to design a corporate retreat for your team with any agenda the team needs. some examples are team wellness, team bonding or team work.

Team DnA Services - Year Bookends

Year Bookends

This consists of two engagements with the team over the course of the year - once in January/February for inspiration, and another in November/December for reflection. These raise consciousness in the team as well as team bonding.

Team DnA Services - Team Coaching

Team Coaching

A 6-12 month journey with the team with monthly engagements. This is for teams who need some help in order to navigate through change or conflict (or fear of conflict), sometimes both

Team DnA Services - Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

This is 1-to-1 coaching over a period of 6,9 or 12 months with a team leader, manager, director or executive, designed to build leadership within the team and organization

Team DnA Services - Leadership Training

Leadership Training

This consists of half-day or full-day trainings on various leadership topics: Emotional Intelligence, 1-on-1's, Difficult Conversations, Navigating Conflict, Communicating the Vision, Authentic Leadership, Metaskills, Personal Development for Leaders