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Team Coaching

Our goal when working with your team is to build creativity and problem-solving skills within the system.

We believe that when your team’s actions are conscious and intentional – achieved  through deepening team awareness –  additional possibilities arise for maximising its inherent potential.

Team potential is shut down through

  • Not engaging with conflict
  • Marginalising dissenting voices
  • An unwillingness to see differing perspectives
Team DnA in action

We believe that your team

Team Coaching in Action
  • Is unique and has its own identity

  • Is constantly experiencing change

  • Is naturally intelligent and creative

  • Requires conflict and diversity skill sets for today’s VUCA world

  • Has an unexplored richness which lies beneath the surface of job descriptions and functions

  • Must embrace diversity or it risks creating distance within the team

  • Will open up deep team intelligence through embracing diversity

Unconscious beliefs may prevent your team from growing

These are a few of the limiting beliefs which we have encountered which impede team performance

  • All conflict is dangerous and destructive and should be avoided

  • If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. In other words, as long as the team is productive, there is no work to be done.

  • Some members’ opinions matter more than others.

  • Discussing diversity just makes everyone uncomfortable – best to ignore it

  • Unrealistic expectations – can’t be changed

  • New members must earn the right to speak up

  • Speaking up can be dangerous – best to keep silent

  • Meetings are generally a waste of time
Team DNA Coaching in Action

Rebooting your team's DnA

Through  systems processes, a team’s unspoken, limiting beliefs can be transformed.

Limiting to Empowering Team Beliefs